Welcome to the Prodigy Within

Prodigy Within is dedicated to assisting, supporting and guiding you toward the fullest expression of who you are and why you are here. We know that discovering your purpose, making it your career -- and having a business that makes a meaningful contribution -- is the most satisfying, joyous and challenging thing most of us will ever attempt. Making sure you accomplish this is our gift and contribution.

* If you are an individual seeking to move beyond a dead-end job, expand your current profession in a more meaningful direction or step into a long-held dream, The Prodigy Within by Wayne Robert Lehrer offers a precise roadmap.

* If you want to accelerate this process, to “finally” break free of everything that has limited your success and step into being who you are meant to be, then Prodigy Coaching is the answer.

* If you have a business or are just starting one then Prodigy Consulting will sharpen your focus, accelerate your process and function as your personal GPS system.

We begin by assisting you in generating a perfectly articulated mission, creating a detailed itinerary and defining specific parameters for accountability. We then function, in dialogue with you, as a continuous source of inspiration, support, clarity, and course correction.

If you’re ready to step into the total expression of who you really are or make your business a perfect extension of your divine purpose, know that Prodigy Coaching and Consulting can help you make your dreams your reality.


"The Prodigy Within is brilliant - both spiritually inspirational and a practical toolkit for those yearning to find their life's purpose."

Arthur Jeon, Author
City Dharma