Prodigy Within Coaching & Consulting is a personal coaching and business consulting service that specializes in working with you to shift your life, career and company so they fully express your life’s purpose. Whether you are an individual or business, whether you have been struggling to make the shift or have already begun it, we are here to guide and inspire you through the 4 Phases of the process.

4 Phases to living your Life’s Purpose

PHASE 1: THE VISION: We start by clarifying your purpose, illuminating your gifts/talents/passions and defining your intention. In business we align your corporate goals with your mission statement and personal purpose. In what usually requires one or two sessions we hone in on exactly who you really are, what you really want and what you need to do to get there.

PHASE 2: THE PATH: Once we’ve defined your Vision and Intentions, we generate a map that includes your personal, career and business destinations, a detailed itinerary and benchmarks to chart your progress. By illuminating the path and setting your itinerary you will know that all your goals are attainable and your life is on a purpose filled course.

PHASE 3: THE JOURNEY: On the Journey we serve as your: GPS system, providing course correction and navigation; Board of Directors for problem solving and strategizing; Chief of Staff, holding you to task and creating accountability and most important; Trusted Ally you can always depend on for strength, clarity and inspiration.

PHASE 4: THE GOAL: Once you’ve generated momentum and began achieving your initial goals we will assist you in continually realigning your vision, actions and intentions with your life and business’ purpose and redefining the big picture in light of your highest intentions.

  • “As our consultant, Wayne brings enthusiasm and out of the box solutions coupled with incisive analysis and insight. He balances nurturing our creative and spiritual aspirations while challenging us to business success.”
    David Mumm
    Dir. Training & Development, PowerLearn Technologies
  • "Wayne has a mind of exceptional clarity & perception. He is able to bring resolution for all who are privileged to work with him."
    Arnold Chanin M.D.
    Owner/Med. Dir. El Segundo Medical Center
  • "Wayne's uncanny ability to effectively address issues, strategically & operationally, that he has not been previously exposed to, never ceases to amaze me."
    Rex Dunn
  • “During a time when I was at a major crossroads in my life, Lehrer's principles led me to discover the prodigy within myself, they helped me make better decisions that brought me closer to my calling. I have seen wondrous results in my writing career. It was not the path I thought I would follow, but instead, the path I was meant to follow."
    Theresa M Heim
    Freelance Writer/Author